• Aspasia Daskalopoulou

    Aspasia Daskalopoulou

    Science and Data Journalist based in London https://www.aspasiadaskalopoulou.com

  • James Nicol

    James Nicol

  • Anoubis



  • Patrick Edwards

    Patrick Edwards

  • Katie Brooks

    Katie Brooks

    24. Journalist. @MyBCU MA student. @StaffsUni BA grad. Globetrotter. Views my own.

  • Sarah P. Murphy

    Sarah P. Murphy

    Interested in everything. Except maybe cars. (But also sometimes cars.) Was in Kosovo and elsewhere, now in SF. Recovering philosophy major. Doing stuff @AJPlus

  • Thaly Gutiérrez

    Thaly Gutiérrez

    UIX mentor. Conversational Interface Designer wannabe. Information Architect. Wayúu princess. Beer connoisseur.

  • Smaranda Schiopu

    Smaranda Schiopu

    Always struggling to find the right words.

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